Create the best Employee Experience

Discover how using journey mapping and design thinking can help you create the best employee experience

Our cooperation with Dutch organization HappinessBureau has resulted in another unique full day practical workshop. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to host Lucas Swennen, who is HappinessBureau co-owner, researcher and expert on employee experience. Lucas will come to Prague to share with you the same tools and best practices, which he uses in cooperation with the best Dutch companies.  

What is the workshop about?

Employee experience design is inspired by innovation methodology called design thinking. Although, instead of a customer the centre here is an employee and his/her needs.

In the workshop we’ll be using the employee journey mapping as a key element. Employee journey maps help to identify various phases that an employee has in contact with the organisation: from orientation, applying, onboarding, maternity leave or promotion to leaving the organization and (hopefully) becoming an ambassador.

With employee experience design you step into the shoes of an employee and you map the journey in a structured way to pick up points for improvement with the goal of increasing the happiness of employees.

What will you leave with?

  • Better idea on WHAT is employee experience, WHY is it important and HOW to improve it
  • Design thinking introduction - famous approach that this workshop is built on
  • Guide on how to prepare strong employee experience statement
  • Guide on how to develop good employee "persona" to get better understanding whose experience you strive to improve
  • Employee journey map - popular tool, which gives great overview of interactions between your company and your employee
  • Specific set of touchpoints - points of interactions that are potential points of improvement
  • Practical examples from companies around the world that have build great employee experience
  • Fact-based and data-driven work: what data and research can you use?

    The workshop is intended for HR professionals who learn something new and get started with employee experience mapping in the organization.

Registrations for this workshop were closed.

Date: June 5th 2019

Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Location: Prague, address to be confirmed

Price:  7 900,- CZK without VAT

Capacity: 15

Language: English

Workshop will be led by:

Lucas Swennen

co-owner of the HappinessBureau, Netherlands

Lucas is an expert in the field of journey mapping, (internal) communication, (employer) branding and research. He has advised many (international) organizations on brand strategy, marketing and employee satisfaction. He is co-owner of the HappinessBureau and publishes on various topics, including happiness at work research.

Martin Šafařík

Happiness@Work, Czech Republic

Martin comes from the field of innovation, where he worked as a consultant, besides other things, with design thinking principles and customer journey mapping. Now he uses obtained experience on his mission to help people to be happier at work and in life in general and at the same time to help companies achieve better results through their happy people.