6th international conference about happiness at work

Happiness@Work 2020

19th November 2020, in 3D virtual world

More and more studies have shown that happiness at work is good for both employees and business.
Happier workplaces are more effective and less stressful, people change their jobs less frequently and have fewer absences which is a great benefit.

Topic: Happiness at work in challenging times

This year's main topic is happiness at work in the context of the crisis we are facing due to COVID-19. We will look at ways to prepare our company for such difficult situations, discuss teamwork and collaboration in digital times, and also look at individuals' resilience where everything starts.

We're planning a hybrid event this year:
We have a limited number of seats in Prague, Brno and Ostrava,
friends from our community are setting-up multiple hubs around Europe,
or you can buy a ticket for a unique virtual experience.

Inspiration and practical examples

The sixth international Happiness@Work Conference is the event with one prime objective: to change the world of work. Local and international scientists and leaders will present relevant studies and concrete examples from their own successful companies. We will explain why to build human companies, and you will take away the tools and ideas you can incorporate into your business immediately.

Meeting and connecting

In 5 years of existence, the Conference has become legendary thanks to its unique atmosphere. It won't be easy to continue while it's impossible to meet in one location, but we accepted this challenge. Our hybrid event will let you join us and network with many Leaders, Managers, and HR Professionals in one of the locations around Europe or the 3D virtual world.

Take care of your employees and they'll take care of your business.
Sir Richard Branson

Conference in "corona times"?

How can we organize a conference when it's not a good idea to travel and meet in large groups, you ask?
We decided to see it as an opportunity and prepared a concept of a hybrid event happening simultaneously in multiple locations:

1. Multiple locations
In Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and many other cities around Europe, we are preparing "hubs" - places where you can meet with local enthusiasts for our common topic. You can also create a hub in your companies' meeting room.

2. International inspiration
Talks will be happening at one of the hubs, but it will be live-streamed to all other locations. You won't miss anything while being at any of the places. At the same time, you can discuss everything with your local peers.

3. Workshops and networking
We are strongly focusing on the experience you will have at any of the locations. Inspiring talks will stay, but we're adding multiple mini-workshops to let you go much deeper into open topics with a smaller group around you.

Organize a hub in your company or city

Besides being an attendee, you can also become part of our event by organizing a local hub. It can be a publicly accessible place where we will invite enthusiasts from your city. Or you can organize a mini-conference in the meeting room of your company. In both cases, you will get full support to make everything run smoothly. Please contact Jana to discuss any details and get more information: jana@happienssatwork.cz

Conference partnership

Is happiness at work something more for you? Do you want to not only take part in the event, but also support the conference and join your brand with it? Send a message to Lukáš at lukas@happinessatwork.cz or call him at +420 604 296 296 and we can talk about it in detail.


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