Happiness@Work 2020

Jason Fried

Founder and CEO, Basecamp
Co-author of bestseller Remote

Jason is co-founder and CEO of Basecamp (formerly 37signals) - a company known for its simple but powerful collaboration tools, including recently released HEY - a complete rethinking of email.

Jason is also co-author of "Remote: Office Not Required," "It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work," and contributor to the Signal v. Noise blog.

Janka Chudlíková

Lecturer and Coach

Janka trains, presents, coaches and inspires others on their way to becoming happy and fulfilling their potential.

Throughout her career in big companies, she has developed to the Member of Board at company Zentiva. 18 years ago, she has started to freelance in order to focus herself on soft-skills. "Neuroleadership based coaching" is her passion for 12 years already, including certification in the area.

She is active in online teaching and has her own YouTube channel where she offers great videos on self-development and produces inspirational talks on her page Dolů nahoru. You can follow her on InstagramFacebookYouTube...

Tomáš Šebek

Surgeon and Doctor without Borders (literally)
Author of uLékaře.cz

Tomáš is a Czech surgeon, permanent member of the Doctors without Borders mission. He served in the most arduous environments in Afghanistan or South Sudan. He wrote several books from these missions, the latest one being Heaven above Jemen.

On top of that, Tomáš is also successful entrepreneur and author ofthe digital educational platform MeDitorial and virtual hospital uLékaře.cz.

Fennande van der Meulen a Maartje Wolff-Jansen

Co-founders, Happy Office

Since 2015 Maartje and Fennande help organizations to build Positive Workcultures, where people can thrive and be happy. They give in-depth trainings about Happiness at Work and Cultural Change, interactive keynotes, and workshops about Positive Cultures, Happiness at Work and Well-being.

They are initiators of the International Week of Happiness at Work (2018) and co-lead the Woohoo Unlimited Partner network and Academy. In 2020, they published their first book about Positive workculture and how to build them.

Maartje and Fennande work and live in the Netherlands, they love to talk on the phone for hours and take long walks. Maartje is the sporty kind, she likes to run, CrossFit with her family, and dance with friends. Fennande loves to read and cook vegetarian meals for her family and friends.

Ynzo van Zanten

Chief Evangelist, Tony's Chocolonely

Ynzo is Tony’s Chief Evangelist. He travels the (online) world to tell their story. Ynzo is a great storyteller that keeps you at the tip of your chair the whole talk. And after his talk, you will never look at chocolate the same way you did before.

Ynzo is also economist, author and entrepreneur - he helped to set up Innocent Drinks in Benelux.

Griet Deca

Co-founder and CHO, Tryangle

Griet Deca is co-founder and Chief Happiness at Tryangle, Happiness and Well-Being at Work. The Tryangle Tribe helps companies to improve the happiness and well-being of their employees through training, coaching, team building and consulting. As Chief Happiness, Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer and Stress and Burn-Out Coach,

Griet has a 2-millimeter mission: That is to make sure that employees return home after your working day with their mouth corners lifted up 2 millimeters. This will fundamentally transform their world rather than having to arrive home with a “down frown” of 2 millimeters.

Libor Mattuš (马龙)

Co-founder, Code of Life

Libor is a biohacker, professional coach, breath and cold therapy instructor, translator
in English and Chinese language. He practices martial arts for 18 years already, out
of which 12 as an instructor. In addition, he is an author of several educational
systems including “Čínština vleže” a “Mental Wiring”.

In Code of Life, Libor leads open workshops, camps and corporate trainings. He lectured at the Masaryk
University in Brno, presented at the University of Applied Management and led trainings for Red Hat or STRV. On behalf of Code of Life, he manages the very first university classes in biohacking in the Czech Republic, at the Essential College in Brno.

Kim Hilgert

Co-founder and well-being ambassador, Tryangle

Kim Hilgert is co-founder and Corporate Well-being Ambassador at Tryangle, Happiness and Well-Being at work. As a trainer and coach, Kim supports companies and their employees in creating a happier and healthier workplace. Because the main goal is to get people into action, she specialized in interactive (online) workshops that inform, inspire, and activate!

Michal Šrajer

Co-founder, Happiness@Work

Michal, with his two friends, co-founded studio Inmite in 2008. It was known for its democratic principles and soon became the Czech leader in smartphone apps development. He named himself "Chief Happiness Officer" at that time, focusing on purpose and relationships at work. After six years, Inmite became part of the global security company Avast through acquisition. And Michal became CHO of a much bigger company. Two years later, Michal started his sabbatical.

While traveling with his family, he visited many "happy companies" around the world. He came back home with a mission to help as many people as possible to enjoy fulfilling and meaningful time at work. He co-founded the international Happiness@Work Conference and a company assisting leaders in building more human workplaces.

Kateřina Nogolová

HR Director, Vítkovice STEEL

Katerina graduated from the field of Psychology at the Charles University in Prague. She has started her career as a Lecturer and Consultant in different companies, worked at Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s./ SABMiller as an HR and Learning Manager, her main tasks were to build the talent management, leadership development and human resources strategies.

Later, she became HR Manager at GE Money, EVRAZ Vítkovice Steel (also as a Lean Manager) and Danish company BANG&OLUFSEN where she was in charge of the finance department as well. After leading HR department at TATRA TRUCKS, a.s., she has moved to the role of an HR Director at VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s., where she also became a member of the board managing VÍTKOVICE STEEL´s endowment fund.

Martin Šafařík

Partner, Happiness@Work

Martin is passionate about innovations, he graduated in this field at the university in Netherlands, in Groningen. He built on his studies as a Consultant at the company ICG and his main area became a design thinking and various workshop techniques. Early enough, he realized that the success of any innovational process depends on people that work with it and on the company culture as well.

Thanks to this experience, he evolved to the topic of happiness as a science discipline and he found passion in it. He tries to help companies to succeed, using the happiness at work principles and innovative techniques. His main goal is to show people how to find the happiness as well as inner peace.

Karolína Presová

Founder, Replug me

Karolína provides digital well-being training to the broad public, companies, parents, teachers, and professionals. Thanks to her workshops, her clients are able to eliminate the negative impact of digital technologies and learn to take a step back from the digital space to their true selves. Her vision, which Karolína applied in the Replug me project, is to help people live a more efficient and more meaningful life in the digital times with a strong emphasis on empathy and improving interpersonal relationships which tend to flatten within the online space.

She has spent a year by training this topic in Asia where the excessive use of mobile phones and social networks in companies as well as in society constitutes a huge problem. Within her personal consultations, she works with clients from Sydney via Singapore to Prague. You might have read about the Replug me workshops in Respekt or Hospodářské noviny.

As a representative of top Czech projects fulfilling the UN sustainable development goals, she has been nominated for the SDGs prestigious award for her seminars for schools, parents, and companies with Replug me in 2019 and 2020.