I asked Michal to help me restructure the company. At that time, we had unclear competencies and responsibilities of people in the team. We went through quite a long journey where we iterated different ways and settings of company principles and finally we chose a teal approach.

The biggest added value of working with Michal and Verča was that together they kept a clear schedule of what would happen next. The setup of the workshops was very well prepared. So, gradually, clear steps started to emerge about the corporate governance we will be using.

Vratislav Zima
Co-founder & CEO, SYNETECH

Michal and his team supported us very much in difficult times. Whether it was a packed webinar full of interesting insights or a mentoring about the company culture. Thanks to his wide network of contacts and experience, he was a great support and supportive mentor who can also listen patiently and guide us to interesting ideas on how to promote a healthy company culture and build a happier company environment. All this with a great deal of humility. Which is no easy task, considering the period we are in, when our team could not meet as much, but at the same time was growing rapidly. Michal also inspired me with his outlook on life and the many activities in his personal life.

Lenka Halíková
co-founder, PROFICIO

Our employees were thrilled with the Digi happy webinar and rated it as one of the best they have ever attended. They appreciated not only the great lecturers, their interaction and involvement of the participants, but above all the continuous flow of interesting information, advice and ideas for functioning in the online world. Let me quote one of my colleagues, "I've seen plenty of webinars on similar topics, but this wasn't just another cage talk about buying bananas for the kitchen, all the information had a real basis and the tips provided are great to use in today's world."

Petra Boudová
CEE HR Business Partner, Generali CEE Holding