A guide through onboarding:
Newcomers' Book

This book is a personal guide through the adaptation process and onboarding period for new employees. It allows them to smoothly sail through a stressful time of being a new team member, getting to know a new company culture, new tasks and responsibilities...

Why did this book came to be?

This book appeared as a reaction to our own experience from several companies which:

  • Don't have any tool or guide for the adaptation period.
  • And if they do, they only use formal electronic tools such as checklists etc.
  • Work with elements related to the employee's efficiency, but not with how they might feel in the team.
  • Don't have any gifts for the new employee, or only have branded gifts such as pencils, notepads, t-shirt, hats etc.
  • Are simply looking for something new, original and useful which would complement the activities they already have.

The book's author, Václav Toman, based it on in-depth interviews with onboarding specialists from various companies (Amazon, Avast, Feedo, Tchibo, Inloop and others), on his own experience with this issue, and on studies of positive psychology

Why do we recommend this book?

This book is a beautiful example of the principles of happiness at work and specific situations which happen in companies. The book supports building quality relationships with colleagues, achieving meaningful results and starting the new employee's development in the company. Simply, it's tool that we couldn't miss :)

What is its goal?

  • To make the adaptation process more personal – a paper book is better at this than an electronic checklist.
  • To be a guide during the whole adaptation process – day by day, week by week.
  • To support personal interactions with the colleagues and the boss.
  • To make a good first impression – to be a beautiful, personal and functional gift for the newcomers.
  • To both work with specific tasks and goals and support the development of new employees.
  • To share experience of people who work on onboarding to help the newcomers.
  • To apply the results of positive psychology in the onboarding process (positive confirmation, stress management, procrastination etc.)

What are its contents?

  • A space to say welcome.
  • A summary of adaptation goals.
  • A space to gather positive moments of each day.
  • A development space – what to focus on, what to try, what to be aware of.
  • A checklist for the newcomer – for an easier adaptation and overview.
  • Recommendations from experts – people who deal with onboarding processes in companies.

It covers 12 weeks which is the usual length of the onboarding process.

Look at some of the chapters:

 (you can download them below)

What are some other options?

  • The book is in Czech and in English.
  • You can have the main page branded with your company colors.
  • There can be your logo on the main page.
  • The first 5-10 pages can be edited to suit your specific requirements (your own checklist, important company information, contacts etc.).

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