We will help you build a human company

We are ready to help you change your company culture.
Together, we will dive in principles of happiness at work and come up with ideas how to apply them in your company.
We will use 10 years of experience and the newest studies in positive psychology.

Inspiration  >  Education  >  Implementation  >  Sustainability

We don't aim to excite your employees for a single day and then watch as they fall back to beaten tracks. We want to help you achieve change that will impact both your people and your business in the long term. We will help you discover and implement habits that will lead to sustainable improvement.

These three tools are our building stones:

If you're not sure where to start, let's just meet up for tea (we all like it), coffee (preferred by Lukáš) or lunch (we all like to eat!). Let's see what we come up with together...