Why do we do what we do?


  • We don't see a reason why people should behave differently at work and outside office.
  • We spent almost as much time at work as sleeping, so it's a good idea to enjoy it and not suffer.
  • If a person is happy at work they will keep this emotion outside office – at home, with their friends and neighbors.
  • The desire to achieve happiness is naturally common to all people.

How do we work?

We aim to cooperate rather than compete. We try to look for interest of those we cooperate with rather than give orders and tasks.

We were inspired by past experience from Inmite, by companies that we visit or whose leaders spoke at our events, and by many books, such as Reinventing Organizations by Frederik Laloux.

How do we think about our activites?

We can distinguish the ways how we support happiness at work in companies by two criteria:

Who are they for and who should they impact?

Employees / Individuals

Activities focused on the development of individuals (which usually also shows in the team).

People managers / Teams

Activities focused on teams and their leaders. You don't always need to change the whole company. Some teams are further ahead than others.

Company management / The whole company

Activities which bring a change for the whole company or most part of it. They impact almost all employees.

Which phase are you in and how much effort do you want to invest?


Invest a couple of hours of your time and time of your colleagues. Find out what principles your company is based on – both scientific and practical. What makes sense, what doesn't? And then you can dig deeper.


Invest one or several days. Are you interested in happiness at work more and more? Do you want to find out how to develop the principles of happiness at work, what to take care of, and learn simple activities which you can start using straight away?

Implementation of change

Invest days and weeks. You believe that this is the right path to build human companies. You want to continually work on implementing the principles of happiness at work in your company at a bigger scope.

Ensure sustainability

How to make sure that the implemented changes will survive and new will arise without any outside help? How to discover and support ambassadords of these principles and add energy to such changes from within?

Who are we?

Michal Šrajer

9 years ago, Michal and his two friends founded Inmite, a company which became a Czech leading studio for mobile app development. He gave himself the title of "Chief Happiness Officer" and started to work on bringing happiness at work to people. Three years ago, Inmite became part of Avast, a global security company, but Michal stayed on the path to finding happiness at work. For one year, he travelled around the world and visited several "human companies". Now he is back with his vision to help as many people to perceive their time at work as meaningful.

Lukáš Cypra

Lukáš has worked in sales and business development for 20 years. After leaving the corporate world, he met Michal in Inmite where he fell in love with the idea of human companies and happiness at work. Then, he worked as a consultant and external sales director for 5 years. At that time, he found out that he prefers those companies that focus on such principles. The combination of systemic coaching, buddhist principles, cooperation with the Red Button network, and another meeting with Michal lead him to understand that he wants to spread and develop the principles of happiness at work to as many companies and their employees as possible.

Martin Šafařík

Martin came from the world of innovation. He studied it in University of Groningen and developed it in ICG. His main focus is on design thinking and workshop techniques. Quite soon after that, he realized that the success of any innovation process depends on people who work with it and on a company's culture. This lead him to the issue of happiness as a scientific field which absolutely amazes him. He now uses the principles of happiness at work combined with innovation methods to help companies achieve better results and to help people find their inner calm and happiness.