Registration info

This year is well-known for challenges it brings to conferences and venues such as ours. Since we are not afraid of new and ambiguous situations, we still want to organize the conference. This time, however, in a completely new and unique format. This will give us the opportunity to react to the last-minute changes but retaining what defines the Happiness@Work Conference – plenty of inspiration, examples from real life as well as networking with many inspirational participants.  

What does it look like in practice?

We create the Conference that offers different options to participate:

1. Virtual Ticket

The current situation is not ideal for meeting people in person. Therefore, you can join the conference virtually in our special 3D world. Forgot about basic streaming of speakers! In the 3D world, you will see the speakers on the main stage, you will participate in the workshops or benefit from the Expo part during the breaks. In addition to that, you can interact with other participants or you will enjoy other activities that we have prepared for you.

2. Company Streaming Ticket

Offline company meeting. You don’t need to travel to the conference this year. However, you can still experience the “live” conference thanks to your company and colleagues. You can organize your own conference hub directly at your company's premises or in the office. You can stream our speakers and get all materials to the workshop part. This will allow you to transform ideas into specific actions, together with your team and without delay.

3. Meeting at one of our Hubs

If the situation allows, we will create smaller venues around Czech Republic and also abroad, providing the opportunity to meet other people from the Happiness@Work community. We will get inspired by speakers from Czechia and other countries in order to collectively transform new ideas into real life in a workshop after each block. If the situation gets better, we will let you know in advance.


What will happen if the situation gets better and people will be allowed to meet in public places/events?

As we have stated above, we try to get ready for different scenarios, which includes the possibility of offline event organisation.

We would love to have offline hubs where we can all meet and interact, as one of the main benefits of the conference is the unique atmosphere which is being created by each of you. Therefore, we truly believe we can meet on November 19thn. in person. If not possible, we will meet and enjoy the conference virtually.

The registration process will be as follows:

  • If you have bought a ticket to one of the hubs and would like to participate online, in 3D world, instead: For 1 ticket to the offline event in the Hub, where the price is higher than the virtual access (meaning higher than 1.500 CZK excl. VAT ), you will get 2 virtual tickets inexchange. Therefore, you can invite your colleague and increase the chance of spreading the new ideas within your company! For 1 ticket to the offline event in the Hub, where the price is lower than the virtual access or the same (meaning 1.500 CZK excl. VAT), you will get 1 virtual ticket in exchange.
  • If you have bought an online ticket, but the situation gets better and you would like to participate “offline” in one of the hubs, there will be a possibility to buy an extension of your online ticket (ie. catering, workshop materials on site, etc.). We will inform you about such an opportunity in advance. The extension price will not be higher than 1500 CZK (excl. VAT).

Who will decide on the possibility of organising the conference offline?

Before anything else, we will follow the most recent governmental requirements. Secondly, we will make the decision as a conference organization team, responsible for the conference, represented by Happiness@Work. 

I am not able to attend any of the options, what can I do?

We will be very sorry if this situation occurs. However, life might bring unexpected situations. Therefore, the refund conditions are as follows:

  • You will be refunded by 100% of the price ticket if canceled 14 days before the event.
  • In less than 13 days before the event no refund would be possible. However, you can send a substitute, both virtual and offline tickets are transferable to some other person. 

And what about the students? Do you offer any special deal for them?

Yes, we have a very special offer for the students this year. We offer a student virtual ticket for 500 CZK (excl. VAT).

We are a non-profit company and we would like to attend the conference using one of the options above.

We do offer a special ticket for the non-profit sector as well. We provide a 50% discount to any of the above-mentioned options, excluding the student virtual ticket. Please do not hesitate to contact us at so we can arrange the details.

What if we buy a Company Streaming Ticket but the situation will not enable us to meet in the office?

We can understand that the situation might be unpredictable for the companies as well. In such case, we can offer you 20 individual virtual tickets in substitution.. The exchange can be requested not only because of the governmental restrictions related to the inhouse meetings, but also based on the internal preventive measures of your company.