Welcome to the
Happiness@Work 2020

You can choose, how would you like to experience today's event

Both ways will give you access to all of the content of the conference day.
3D world is more engaging, you can meet other participants, the conference on the web is easier to get into, but is less entertaining.

Choose the 3D world, if you:
✅ have Windows or macOS (up-to-date version)
✅ can download and run apps on your device
✅ you meet the previous two requirments and want to
       enjoy the conference in 3D world :)

Choose the web option, if you:
✅ do not have Windows or macOS
✅ can't download and run apps (for example on
       your company's notebooks)
✅ are not allowed to disconnect your VPN and are not
       able to connect while using it
✅ want to participate via mobile phone/device
✅ do not want to participate through the 3D world

Are you lost or need help?
Visit our frequently asked questions, get in touch with us via Messenger 💬  or send us an e-mail ✉️.